Top Nails Art – Pointed Nails

Top Nails Art – Pointed Nails

When it comes to manicure, nail grooming and shape of the nails, there are many different shapes such as square, oval and pointed that women like to show off on the fingernails but looking at the latest fads, it looks that Pointed Nails are much more in demand.

So, if you are planning to create some new art designs on your fingernails for the oncoming birthday party of a friend, do consider to try out one of the Top Nails Art – Pointed Nails, many pictures of which you can see right here and see for yourself whether it suits your personality.

Nail Color&Makeup Trends 2012

Nail Color&Makeup Trends 2012

These colorful nail designs definitely accentuate your make up. Nail Color&Makeup Trends 2011 also includes pretty pinks and reds. It also recommends that you match your nail color with your lip color. Berry tints on your lips will go well with pastel pink on your nails.

Amaizing red nail design with red lips.
Amaizing red nail design with red lips. Makeup and nail design color is important.

Gray is the front runner in this pretty nail color trend. Gray can be worn on any occasion. Gray is versatile, sheer, opaque gray for work and gray with silver tones for night outs.

Gray color Nail design
Gray color Nail design with soft red lipstic and natural makeup. Cool!

Choosing the Best Nail Color and Nail Shape Based on Your Hands
Choosing the Best Nail Color and Nail Shape Based on Your Hands and Makeup.
Black nail design with black nail polish.

Most Popular Nail Shapes

If you are not sure which shape of nails would suit you, you might like to check out our site further for finding out some tips and ideas to determine which shape would suit you most. Some girls believe that pointed nail art is suitable only for long fingernails but it is not really so.

Among all the shapes such as square, round, oval, almond, and pointed, one of the most popular ones is perhaps the pointed nails with finely pointed nail tips and done with acrylic or gel nail art designs.