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French Manicure – Latest Wedding Nail Art Designs Tips

French Manicure – Latest Wedding Nail Art Designs Tips

With business meetings, presentations, exams and a party to look forward too, working through such a busy schedule can leave the best of us biting off the tips of our nails.

Personal appearance in a presentation can be just as important as the presentation content itself not to mention the delivery. Deciding on what is best to wear to a presentation, opting for a look that can potentially work for both work and play could save much time. The right type of nail polish can enhance appearance, matching a nail polish colour with eyeshadow for example can lead to an impressive look.

Wedding Art Nail Designs can provide a gorgeous look, because of the beautiful range of colours which are durable and can be hard to chip once dry, whilst also being easy to apply. A good nail product is made from good quality ingredients that can improve durability, resistance to chipping and colour fading. A cream nail polish finish leaves a smooth look, whilst shimmer products are also very popular. These are two examples of colour types can provide versatility, especially when planning on wearing different outfits.

French manicures are classic nail products that provide the wearer with a natural look, white paint is applied to only the tips of the fingernails and the remainder of the nail is given a natural light colour – it is an excellent option for short to medium length nails. The method of applying a French manicure is to first clean and trim the nails, apply a base coat, use a nail tip guide and then apply the main colour (especially the natural light shades, such as a pink) to decorate the remainder of the nail. Extending the life of a French manicure can be achieved by grooming the nails and applying an extra layer of top coat every night.

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