Animal Prints Nail Designs Are Popular 2012

Animal Prints nail designs Are Popular 2012

People in general have a fascination for animals, otherwise how do you explain stuffed animals in some homes or hides of some animals hides being used as decorations in some homes. Bags or even dresses of animal hides are coveted by many. Probably that is the reason that animal prints are popular.

People use animal prints or hides for various fashion accessories. There are leopard print dresses, crocodile skin boots and many such items. So nobody is surprised to see women’s fascination for animal prints on nails.

Beautiful zebra Nail Designs with yellow base.

Beautiful zebra nail designs with French manicure


How to do Zebra Nail Design

How to do Zebra nail Design

One of the very popular animal nail designs is Zebra nail design. Zebra effect is created by applying random black lines to your French manicure. The black lines are to be applied only on the tips of your nails. Then from left of your nail draw a line which has slight bend and goes to the middle of the nail, and is thicker at the bottom then tapers off to give illusion of movement.

There are many options on how to do Zebra nail designs just that you need to be a little creative.

Cute zebra nail designs in yellow combination

Zebra Nail designs with blue and pink base – Animal print nail designs

Cute toe nails with zebra nail designs

Pretty zebra nail designs with pink base

Cute Zebra nail designs with diamond and pink nib

How to do Zebra Nail Design